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Out of the car: 32 the season MBFWRussia FW'16/17

03.03.2016 13:02:48

In front of me - a huge dashboard of the time machine. I admitted to her in secret and just for a moment. And said that the machine is not quite normal: it can be rolled up to Esenin or Hitler, to play cards with Wilhelm Kuchelbecker or drink brotherhood with a young Marlon Brando (and want!). Her specialty is fashion. Well, someone this machine seems not too useful. However, I really wanted to get to that thing that I promised my secret Explorer photoset from "Manezh". This time machine can tell about first impressions, Dior, Chanel knit bathing suits or... show you the future, tell us about what will be important next season - "Autumn winter 16/17". Yes, this is what I want to know the most! Choose the option "Fall-Winter'16/17"press section "Russian fashion", click on the icon of the 32 season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia"" and the download starts... On the big screen in the centre panel, lightning begins to flash images and multi - colored buttons to show letters which compose words, and I see that each button is the name of the designer or brand. All buttons are displayed except the name and even a short accompanying titles, I read some and understand that these labels - the trends (and sometimes not just them), which in the future season "Autumn-winter'16/17' designer or brand will be responsible. Click the first button to learn more... Button "Tenderness" - Karina Khimchinskaya Last season my greatest fashion discovery was N, and Karina Himkinskaya, about the show which I found quite by accident. Karina presents her collection "Love is KK" in the framework of the action "FashionTime Designers" along with three other designers, and I will say that compared to other things Himcinschi was distinguished by its elegance, brevity, femininity, gentleness and noiselessly. On the catwalk we saw as a classic, which has become a hallmark of the brand, floral dress with delicate embroidery and floral prints, and dresses in a vintage style MIDI length silk dresses and skirts made from exquisite lace. Pleased with the number of dresses-shirts in a variety of lengths and styles, and print of flower - fell in love and stayed to live there. I am absolutely not afraid to leave Karina Himkinskoe responsible for the tenderness in the season FW'16/17 because her dress is very soft.