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What is the different - blog or vlog - I don't know :)

15.12.2016 00:43:37

When my programmer Pavel (all the time says to me that I don't advertise) but WHEN PAVEL, MY PROGRAMMER - created category of "news" he had warned me that this section needs to be updated almost every day, BUT a typical Aries in my face on this section decided to score) Because it's always when you repeat do do do do do....and you don't do evil:) Here is not evil...just never got to it, and not much time....BUT now I decided to share my thoughts and ideas here...have a great time before going to sleep...for 10-15 minutes...when you dream and make plans for I will share immediately with You, how about the feedback You ask?-write in direct or vk, BUT the answer will be here :) I'm so bad!) the announcement is my advice about shoes metallic colors...there are even do not want to talk because these shoes Gucci is every girl's Santa Claus, father, as a young person, or friend...needs in the forehead to hint about investing in NY!) - a contribution to the future happiness!-in my opinion a powerful argument!-so girls are! And to the Shoe by Gucci is perfect, there is even no doubt will suit my dresses)-as they say, "She praises, drowned in the poop"....the irony of life;) I'm sure that all my dresses are hanging in perfect condition in the wardrobes of my clients, and encouraging their priezdom the release) Thank you for reading. Good night, Your Karina Khimkinskaya!