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What is love?-or how to kill a boss?

16.12.2016 00:15:54

Honestly, I want to write about one person-without whom the workflow was suspended for many many months!
My Klipeshnik (Lena) who puts up with me and my tastes, honestly do not understand:) just sometimes I annoy myself with their requirements, but unfortunately, I really can not on the other! Here I am what will come to mind will not come out;)
So, once again do not want to write to Lena, and to ask for something to do...but without it I can't!-man if I get it, then like...I think she already curses the day when we met her...and her husband is not averse to kill me;) - I'm with yourself and your "stuff" try not to think of, and they invented.
And when Lena tries, does, and I don't like.....I'm really ashamed:( but have to redo because I want a masterpiece!!!-and honestly, when we find, together with Lena with us....obtained exclusive whether it is a print, photo, invitation card Fashion Week in Moscow, or just my photo on the cover of gloss!
This person is constantly in the shade, but 50/60 % information work does it! I'm proud of her, proud that she's with me, I'm sure if will buy another designer's fee we'll split in half;) and still she is with me....she can't live without my night SMS, my offended face, screaming before Fashion week, and nerves when 5 minutes before the show.....we are together, and to find such a person, as it is priceless.
Me when inspiration comes, even my parents keep running away from me this usually happens at night ...think, think and get something new and original, not that at all..but what makes me different from other "fashion designers" who live in a blueprint fashion Western. Once you call yourself a designer, offer a new-take me through the crowd and not follow the crowd.
I constantly hear that I have a team of creative Directors, and that Karina won't be able to think of everything and still put on a show!?!-honestly, can! And I will say that I am flattered, then what most designers are copying my ideas to myself.

Lena (@klipeshnik), thank you for your patience and love.
Soon, Harbin Fashion Week in 2017, but not far off Fashion Week in Moscow....tell me, do you Kalash donate or airguns?;)

Good night.
With love, Karina Khimkinskaya.