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Dolphin Winter....LOVE

16.12.2016 23:22:42

You know, frequently asked questions about advertising on my page....begin to pour in with incredible speed, and it is only thanks to You and Your activity.
Believe me, I won't "to extend the hair or to inject Botox or take barter"....honestly, I do not need and do not want to!
I'd rather talk about the people/animals that dostoiny respect and admiration!
Someone signed on my account in Instagram, I saw that I actively began to support #ClearwaterMarineAquarium .
Honestly, until November 2016, I couldn't even imagine what power will have this inexhaustible desire to live, to smile and to help people.
Dolphin - girl Winter, which is 11 years old and since childhood she lives without a tail, as a child caught in a crab trap poachers. Winter came and she went to live at the sea aquarium and the veterinary hospital Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Winter an example for many "special" children - they see it as support, Love, that Winter proves every day that overcoming obstacles together is easier!-it helps the children, they help her. Dolphins can't live alone, so the fun she and his girlfriend Hope. Together with the Winter they enjoy human smiles and warmth every day.
Biographical film about the life of Winter - "Dolphin tale" and "Dolphin tale -2" fully conveys the emotions and incredible willpower. It was after watching the movie, I had a desire to see this baby!I will say that the emotions that gives Winter and Hope - "kids" is priceless. Their eyes, smiles warmly - no words to describe. I cried....cried for 5 hours watching two films, crying seeing Winter.... and cried from happiness, that can make a small contribution to the life of all marine aquarium and hospital. A small contribution - in a happy future for animals and "special children" 

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Thank you very much.
Your Karina Khimkinskaya.