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Friends - who are they?

18.12.2016 01:42:40

This is a very important question,because that's what real friends lend a helping hand, they say a true opinion, and will close when it all goes to hell!
I'm very glad that I have people on which to rely, and they can be counted on the fingers-they are special and painfully favorite!
Galusek, my!-today to celebrate your day! You broke into my life so suddenly, but so long!
Love you and everything about you for you! I'm Sorry next I was at a wedding painting, we were separated by thousands of miles, but my love has become even stronger!
You're a treasure!-and at any moment, you can tell me, give me life for me and I have notes of doubt, will not!
Such people can list my Goar Avetisyan, Katya Danilova, Gelusik, Kukuruza, Galya, Lena, Klipeshnik,the ONE, Tigger, Genia Malakhova, Minogarova, and my Sasha .
Even though we not every day see, and not overwritten, BUT You are my everything!-You are the backbone that I love, because You are mentally close. Female friendship needs to go through a lot to become stronger and become "family". Any moment spent together is priceless, and life has given You a gift!
Love and loved !
Good night, Your Karina Khimkinskaya.