Ru En

Xmas Eve....

25.12.2016 00:53:14

The main thing to believe!-I believe, and You?
Now comes a time when you can make wishes and they come true 1000000%
Direct magic is in the air, and Your every spoken word at the hearing, submission of a magic wand turns.
I have a desire-I want my grandmother was in good health, so that in 2017, on its 90 years the whole family gathered. I want my dresses were sold, and the brand flourished!
I want the parents and relatives strong health, she'll do the rest!-want to my clients were the one and only - that I promise!
I want to wish everyone who reads it-mutual love, good health, infinite happiness and most importantly more dresses from Karina Khimchinskaya.
Yourself, if you wish to continue to please You with new and original prints and patterns, incredible ideas, and as always, enchanting finals, which You love so much)
Thank You for being with me!
Your Karina Khimkinskaya.