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03.04.2017 00:22:29

Fashion Interview with designer Karina Khimchinskaya
Bright, charming, easy, smiling beauty
Told us all about her brand. Karina Khimchinskaya after the show "Driada" March 20, 2017
The story of your brand started in 2013. Tell us why you decided to become a designer and create your brand?
-Yes, the brand was founded in 2013. This year we have 4 years: July 31 – birthday of the brand. Fate itself led me that way. More precisely, let fate decide who I should become. By education I am auditor of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation. I graduated with a red diploma, Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov. But I grew up in an artistic environment: my mother is a clothing designer, she is now engaged in interior design. In childhood I dreamed of becoming a lawyer or an attorney to help people. And over time realized I can make history, creating the beauty, to see the beaming eyes of girls who wear my dresses. Backstage of collection "Driada", spring/summer 2017 Speaking of dresses: dress – the leitmotif of all your collections. You're one of the first local designers that have dedicated themselves to their creation. Why this article of clothing? Indeed, we were among the first who introduced into Russian fashion dress shirt, fell into the stream. Our "must have" blue dress a shade of "electric" is the most recognizable, being the best, the most sold and, of course, copied. For me — unheard of happiness to create something that is so popular. Dress – the most versatile item in your wardrobe. In the morning it can be worn to the office during the day – a meeting with my friends, and in the evening on a date with a young man. In your latest collection for spring/summer 2017, "Driada", on the show where we met, a huge variety of prints are totally different in style. Tell me more about the process, what challenges have you faced? What inspired you to create them? Collection "Driada" is unique. For the first time, we have developed the prints in collaboration with artist and not purchased fabric. We've thought of everything: colors, layout, ratio of pictures... there were mistakes, hundreds of hours of work. But now I can tell you exactly how to place the print on a particular part of the dress. In addition, it is quite difficult to find people that we printed them. It was a very important and responsible stage: we could not make mistakes in the choice of color or pattern. Constant clients have already appreciated our work, making orders for our prints. We are engaged in the manufacture and printing, the pricing of this collection is lower than in the previous collections, we hope, can not fail to please our customers. A floral theme is the leitmotif of all our collections, the "DNA" of the brand. In addition, we worked on the final output. Only a week before the show we found a solution that would emphasize our purpose. I'm proud of the result of our work. "Driada" was a new step in our development as it is completely invented and produced by us. The final collection of "Driada" spring/summer 2017 Inspiration — my dear female client. Inspires me all. The creation of this collection took six months, we started working right after showing the previous collection during a holiday in the States. "Driada" has 50 bows a final General release, which this season was truly "real" because the design of our logos in this Luke was a very time consuming process. This season for showing "Driada" you chose an interesting new site — Museum of A. N. Scriabin: what inspired you to make such a choice? This season we wanted to make a show for people who love us, "wear" and be appreciated for the stars of show business, who are our regular customers, so I chose 150 people who will be the first to see the collection. It turned out very intimate event. I know all our guests personally. This "quality" event made for friends of the brand. Fashion week – a larger event. For example, last season our show was attended by 2,000 guests, but it is now four days after the show I can say that after our chamber display in the Museum of Alexander Scriabin, the Studio returned more than after showing at Fashion Week, despite the fact that our show last season was the most exciting! And next season we will likely go back to Fashion Week, to raise the bar even higher. We are the only brand in the Russian market, adhering to the principle "show now, buy now". Our girls are not waiting, and it allows us and our customers to be always one step ahead. Your goal and biggest motivation in life: We have regular customers who choose us for four years. For me it is a great happiness. I want my brand saw me through, preserved and refined handwriting. And we're working on it. I sincerely thank all our friends, guests, partners, helpers and everyone who loves and appreciates! 

Exclusive interview with The Status Symbol