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New collection in January???

21.12.2016 23:14:21

The most common question from the media - how do You manage to work so hard?-where the inspiration for so many collections a year?-honestly, I love my job, it's simple)
-Now ready a new collection on #HarbinFashionWeek - it's Fashion Week in China. In 2016 I became "Best foreign designer Harbin Fashion Week", for me it's an honor to represent Russia in China, and to gain recognition by the competent jury.Thank you very much)
To "Fashion Week in Moscow" (March 2017), we have prepared 5 bows including the final;) is very hard and will be showing because we develop our own prints, and name of the fabric, thus saving their customers from counterfeiting and plagiarism. Honestly, very angry, when you copy my clothes, my ideas...fuuu....I'm worried, do not sleep, come up, and they hop and assigned(
The following collection - "Cruise 2017", imagine we are going in may and filming will take place in another city, last season it was St. Petersburg, in this view, which will fly with the team:)
.....then I have a rest until July, and preparations for autumn and the new season of "Fashion Week in Moscow" - October 2017.
And almost immediately, again preparing for a Harbin Fashion Week 2018.
3 FINAL OUTPUT, 3 a full-fledged show, different from each other, and air cruise collection)
It turns out the GROUNDHOG day, but You have no idea how cool it is to create, and to strive for. 
I've got goals, got dreams, I'm 20 years plus, and I know that many people do not take me seriously ;) I Have everything we face new challenges, the world "Fashion Week", and NEW YEAR.
Yours, Karina Khimkinskaya.