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Work 24/7

18.12.2016 22:48:40

Always dreamed of as a child, coming to work not 8, and that there was no dress code - jacket/skirt. That's why I'm happy that the work is not without cons, but on the most beloved of my work. 
The coolest to see their clients on the street in my dresses. You have no idea what is the buzz) will Say, honestly, that for 3 years - I only saw 2 girls in their dresses, and I was happy as a child. I was ready to run up and ask to take a picture ;) But decided to look tactful and passed:)))
I sometimes flattered by the fact that everyone thinks that I'm working does not appear, constantly rest, and for me is a whole team, and I'm not even sewing on a button!-believe me I know, and for me not is a whole team, we are few, but we are workaholics.
And every client I know personally)-I know what its parameters and its preferences)
Appreciate and respect the consistency in the choice of the brand:)
Yeah, we're not throwing a lot of money on PR in instagram, and we have no mass market, we have exclusive brand, so runway collection otlichaetsya only in a single copy, and the collection includes a maximum of 3 dresses - one model, and only through this our favorite client, return to us again and again!
Thanks You huge)!
Yours, Karina Khimkinskaya.