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All forms of national teams for Euro 2016

18.06.2016 22:08:02

The European championship starts today.
"Bombardier" shows the forms in which will play national teams, and professional clothing designers comment, comparing the set of Russian national team of Spain.

Karina Khimkinskaya — Moscow designer, founder of fashion brand KARINA KHIMCHINSKAYA

"Let's pretend we're watching the game England – France. We missed the announcement of the teams, and I don't know the top players. It is necessary to determine who plays what? And then collapse the two commands exactly the same shape! Most likely, one designer is working on two flank"

Karina Khimkinskaya: "Budu create table favorites, maybe it will coincide with the results table. So all run in the bookmakers, all of a sudden I'm really in the form of the winner of the championship will determine? What the hell. So, first place and my undisputed favourite is Belgium. So elaborate and impressive form. The colors of the flag so the pass by players in this form is simply impossible. I note that even the label [logo of the Association] on the t-shirt laid out, and even he in the tricolor of Belgium.Honestly, this form will be able to conquer not one runway.And they only have me like a guest, and home shape: bright, modest, dignified – right in desyatochku."

Karina Khimkinskaya: "Germany in second place. A classic combination of black-and-white color scheme is always at the top of popularity! The Germans still form the goalkeeper is very cool. Stylish inserts on the sleeves, most likely knitted, decorate it, and say that even the style field is all about. But the guest form Germany, loses home. Stylish black and grey stripes, and moss green sleeves — it is not clear to what?".

Karina Khimkinskaya: "Iceland and Italy — two twin brother. The slight differences in the stripes does not affect the shape of countries."

Karina Khimkinskaya: "the Bronze medal goes to Spain. Burgundy color forms home with yellow stripes and an emblem of harmony and pleasing to the eye. But the guest did not attract my attention. The triangles of different shades of yellow — the meaning is? The case when the home form is far superior to the guest meaning, brevity, and style. Belgium, Germany, Spain — it was a great undeniable three ideals".

Karina Khimkinskaya: "Portugal and Turkey are very specific taste to the Tiffany color. At least for me and love but am afraid to even imagine how it will look on courageous, handsome football players of the national teams? Ridiculous rather than stylish".

Karina Khimkinskaya: "he would like to talk about the incidents. I have always believed that only designers can copy models and styles of clothing from each other. It turns out, no! Russian form resembles the form of Spain. On the other hand, why invent something when you can change the ideal and hope that nobody will notice? But with the away form is very well thought out and in the same style.On the "podium" will be immediately clear whose country is his collection! Right, know ours!".

Karina Khimkinskaya: "the Czech Republic and Slovakia do not lag behind their same "brothers" than lower your rating. Even afraid to imagine what would happen if a black tie event you'll see a girl in the same dress as me. Disgrace and ruin of reputation is guaranteed. But the players are not averse to be copies of their rivals on the field."

Karina Khimkinskaya: "I would Like to highlight Croatia. This form is for players, or for racers of Formula 1? Of course, bright and stylish, but the place does?

Karina Khimkinskaya: "Austria, Albania, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Switzerland, though he was not convicted me of plagiarism, but nothing too stylish. Therefore, the nine countries necessary to do over their collection to the next season not be a gray mouse, but to be trendsetters".